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FrostWire is a client for P2P downloads that is based on LimeWire. FrostWire offers you the possibility to easily download all kinds of files at great speed


Great download client based on LimeWire

May 27, 2023
8 / 10

FrostWire is a P2P download client that offers you limitless downloads of all kinds of contents by means of a clear and appealing interface

Despite the fact that it grew as a program that used the Gnutella network, FrostWire has known how to evolve. After you download FrostWire for free you'll be able to download all kinds of torrent files with the most varied contents.

Features of FrostWire

  • Great download speed, even outstripping LimeWire.
  • Download torrents and use magnet links.
  • Create torrent files from your files.
  • 8 different search engines.
  • Compatible with iTunes; synchronize your downloads with the library.
  • Speak with other users via chat.
  • Customize the software by using one of its several skins.
  • Support for online radio stations.
  • Integrated multimedia player.

Search, find and download files from the Internet

To use FrostWire you only have to use the integrated search engine. Take advantage of search filters to limit the results you are shown. You'll be able to see the sources, the file extensions, their size...

By double clicking you will be able to add them to the download queue, that you'll be able to view in the lower margin of the window, where they will stay until they are completed and added to your library.

Thank the Internet gods for FrostWire.

Where can I find FrostWire

If you need a program to download music, FrostWire is the solution, and the same could be said if you're looking for a program to download movies, documents or programs. Click on download to get FrostWire and make the most of your spare time.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This download requires Java 1.6 that will be installed automatically if missing, by means of an Internet connection.
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